Bus For St.Peters School

In July 2019, PITS management, Frontiers management and PITS Aura team visited St. Peters School for Mentally Challenged Children at Trivandrum, Kerala. We were impressed by the professionalism and empathetic approach of the teachers towards the children with different difficulties. We were amazed by the talents of each child at the school, which is developed over time by the effort of those teachers. We saw that one of the challenges they were facing is regarding transportation of children who are coming from different parts of Trivandrum. As our first official project, we have decided to donate a school bus to them. We are proud to say that on 5th September, the bus was handed over to the school and went into operation. Our team ( Biju, Amina, Jazna, Sony and Sumesh) visited the school on this occasion and were a part of this happy event.